Ways YOU Can Help Fight Injustice RIGHT NOW

Racism is real. Racism is prevalent in our country. If this doesn’t make your heart ache and want to demand change, I encourage you look deep in your heart and re-evaluate what you stand for.

I recognize my privilege as a white person, I really do. I recognize I will NEVER have to worry about my family member leaving the house for a jog and not coming back the way that people of color have to worry about that. I recognize that I will NEVER have to explain to my children one day the importance of interacting with the police a certain way and not even thinking about making a sudden movement the way that people of color have to worry about that. The list goes on. Even though we live in the same country with the same apparent rights, white people live a completely different reality every single day than people of color do. That is just facts. And that is white privilege.

This doesn’t make me a bad person. However, it does mean I have a responsibility that weighs differently; not more, not less, but differently. Silence in a time like this is betrayal. I need to recognize my privilege and how I get treated differently by people in “power” and I need to stand up and join this fight until the day we are all treated equal. If I choose not to stand up for what is right, well then THAT is what makes me a bad person. This goes for everyone who thinks they don’t “need to” speak up… You do.

We need to listen, we need to learn, and we need to speak up. We can’t only care about the problems that we think only affect us, what kind of world would we live in if everyone did that? We need to care about other human beings. We need to have a heart!! Until everyone is treated equally, until the day people are not being murdered because of the color of their skin, until this injustice is recognized by people with “power”, until racism is nonexistent, the fight will not end. The fight for equality is far from over and it is on every single American, no matter what race, to stand together and protect basic human rights! We need to stand in solidarity in order to instill change.

Provided are ways anyone can help, along with useful links. This goes far beyond making a post while this is a trending topic. There needs to be action behind the words. While compiling these links, @mikebertrand3 also helped find a lot of them that I am using here as well. He has also written a blog post here on Villen Media in which he explains how crucial it is to support the Black Lives Matter Movement (see attached link). https://villenmedia.com/2020/06/02/black-lives-matter/ I encourage everyone reading this to also check his out as well.

1. Sign Petitions

There are TONS of petitions compiled into these websites that are useful and make your voice heard.




2. Donate

If it is possible, donate. If not, especially in an economic state like this, it is understandable. However, it is possible to donate by streaming without spending any money! I’ll share the link and clarify which one that is.





3. Text/Call

Text these numbers in the link to show support. Also call politicians to demand change (located in link as well).


4. Vote

Register to vote and then actually DO IT. Not only do we need to vote in the presidential election, but we need to vote for Senators, Representatives, Governors, Mayors, and anyone else who will be put into a position of power. Vote for diversity and representation, vote for people who support for basic human rights. Vote.

5. Protests

If you are available to go out and protest, look for local protests online or on social media that you can go to. Just make sure to be safe. Attatched is a link with useful information on how to protest safely.


7. Educate and Inform/Spark Conversation

Not only is it important to get our voices heard, but we also need to be understood. Often times that starts closer than you think. Be open to having conversations with people you know who think differently and highlight the importance of getting them to change their point of views. The whole point of this is to look for change and that will never happen if what a person feels in their heart is not changed first. Don’t be afraid to speak up because someone is “older and thinks differently” or “they don’t know any better”. There isn’t an excuse and we need to be open to having conversations while also holding people accountable for racial injustice.

Educate yourself on the history of the Civil Rights movement & inequality and how long this fight has truly been going on. Then share that knowledge with people, use facts to make people understand. Teach the younger generation about this as well, change starts with new generations.

Keep using your voices on social media because it is powerful, but also remember to take action as well!

Black Lives Matter. Support the movement, be on the right side of history.

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