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  • 2020 NBA Draft: Official Myla Mock
    2020 has been a year like no other in NBA history. From the season being suspended, to the bubble in Orlando – many crazy things have happened. Thanks to Adam Silver and the rest of the NBA staff, we still got the see big events like the NBA Playoffs, Finals, and Draft Lottery. Now, it’s […]
  • No Risk, No Reward: How The Arizona Cardinals Broke The Mold With Their Rebuild
    The 2018 Arizona Cardinals had all the looks of a classic NFL rebuild: highly drafted quarterback prospect, first time head coach with potential and a mix of some young and veteran talent.  Everything was status quo, and then? They threw it all away. Why? Because the status quo just isn’t good enough in the NFL. […]
  • 2021 Mock Draft 1.0
    While most teams have only played 5 games this season (some playing less), it’s becoming clearer which teams are contenders and which are pretenders. Teams such as the Seahawks, Packers, Bills, and Chiefs look dominant, while others like the Giants, Jets, and Falcons are already looking ahead to April. This mock draft is based on […]
  • NFL Week One: Predicting Each Game (ATS)
    In one of the craziest years we’ve ever experienced, the NFL rolls on. Kick back, relax, and let me help you make some money on opening weekend. Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs (-9) The two highest paid quarterbacks in the NFL will go head to head on opening night, when the post-DeAndre Hopkins trade […]
  • Sizing up the AL West: Could Change be Coming?
    The AL West is one of baseball’s most underrated divisions. In the past twenty years, no team has taken the leap to separate themselves from their division rivals. The A’s and the Angels have won the divisional title six times in that period. The Rangers four times, the Astros three times, and the Mariners only […]
  • Baseball is Back: 3 Players to Watch for in 2020
    TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! BASEBALL IS BACK! The MLB and MLBPA *finally* reached an agreement on a 60 game season, which means there will be baseball in 2020. Personally, baseball is my favorite sport, and I’m glad there’s something to look forward to in this crazy year. Sports being able to resume play in 2020 […]
  • ‘The Office’: Unpopular Character Rankings
    Everyone loves The Office, that’s undeniable (and if you don’t then you may be the problem). However, I’ve come to the conclusion that I must be watching a different show than everyone else in the entire world because whenever I mention my favorite/least favorite characters to anyone, they think I’m crazy. As someone who has […]
  • 3 Must Have Late Round Players
    The recipe for dominating your fantasy football draft is simple. Draft your stud players to carry your group early within the first handful of rounds and then focus on acquiring depth in the later rounds of your draft to help balance out your lineup between guys who are your weekly starters, guys who can fill […]
  • AEW Fyter Fest: Night One Predictions
    This year, All Elite Wrestling has decided to do something different for Fyter Fest: space it our over two weeks, and give it to us for free. The first night of the two week special will feature some awesome tag team wrestling, along with Hikaru Shida and Cody trying to retain their titles won at […]
  • Undervalued Fantasy Football Players
    Before reading this article, I would like you to close your eyes and take a nice deep breath of air. You probably just smelled the greatest scent of the modern era. The smell of the beginning of fantasy football season. If you know me personally at all you may know just how invested I am […]
  • CAM-TASTIC: Newton to Pats in NFL Summer Blockbuster
    Bills Mafia? Take a seat. Fitz-Magic? More like a vanishing act. And an honorable mention to the New York Jets. Everything we thought we knew about the AFC East upended. Agreeing to a measly $1M with up to $7.5 M in bonuses for one year, Cam Newton becomes the latest to have their shot at […]
  • Ways YOU Can Help Fight Injustice RIGHT NOW
    Racism is real. Racism is prevalent in our country. If this doesn’t make your heart ache and want to demand change, I encourage you look deep in your heart and re-evaluate what you stand for. I recognize my privilege as a white person, I really do. I recognize I will NEVER have to worry about […]
    It has been a week since the brutal murder of George Floyd was etched into every American’s brains. Since then, protests and social activism have taken precedent over COVID concerns or day-to-day activities. Everybody processed, or is still processing, the murder of George Floyd differently. News flash: I am a straight, white, (handsome) man. I […]
  • Wrestling with Silence: Comparing WWE and AEW’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
    In the face of a global pandemic, professional wrestling has been forced to adapt. Some ideas have been home runs, but of course, some have been swings and misses. Still, creative, never before seen matches have taken place that people will never forget, like WWE’s Boneyard Match and AEW’s Stadium Stampede.  No matter what, we’ll […]
  • AEW Double Or Nothing 2020: Preview and Predictions
    All Elite Wrestling ‘Double Or Nothing’ (2020) is set for TONIGHT! A much anticipated PPV event in which, under these unforeseen circumstances, will be held at a basically empty Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida. This will be AEW’s first attempt at a PPV since this Global Pandemic struck the nation and changed the wrestling world […]


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